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Boat Covers and Frame Bending

Mooring Covers: A mooring cover covers from the front to the back of the boat. It can be a snap down cover, a ratchet strap cover, or a drawstring cover. You can also add an attached or detached motor box cover. These are desirable for trailering, storing inside, or docking.

Cockpit Covers: A cockpit cover only covers the cockpit area of the boat and can start at the top of the windshield or cover the windshield. These are used for docking or trailer a boat.

Bow Covers: A bow cover covers the open bow area of a boat. Most people buy this with a cockpit cover.

Bimini Tops: A bimini top is a top that that shades the cockpit area while riders are on the boat. We can make a cover for an existing frame or we can bend a frame to match your boat and make a top with it. We offer anodized aluminum marine grade tubing or stainless steel tubing for frames.

Convertible Tops: A convertible top is a cockpit area shade that clips directly to the windshield. We also bend the frames for these.

Camper Top: A camper top is a rear set of frames off the bimini top or convertible top that shades and protects the rear half of the boat.

Full or Partial Enclosure: We can enclose a boat either partially or completely off of your convertible top, bimini top, radar arch and camper top if you have one. This would include a windshield (off a bimini) in either isinglass or solid canvas, side curtains, an aft curtain off the top or a drop curtain off of the camper top.

Center Console and Seat Cover: A center console cover covers the controls of a center console boat. We can make a separate cover for the seat for the center console or make the center console cover and seat cover together.

Winter Cover: If you are storing your boat outside and aren't shrink wrapping it, we can make a winter cover for you.

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Product That We Use ...

Aqualon Edge

Aqualon Edge is an updated material that is great for uses such as cockpit covers and mooring covers. This material features the Perfecta Marine technology which provides exceptional heat reduction and is mildew repellant. The top side is coated with a durable pigmented vinyl resin and the underside is finished with a clear, water resistance finish. This material is water proof and water resistant and doesn't stretch or shrink, which is why this material works well for the mooring and cockpit covers. It is lightweight at 8.75 oz. and is 60" wide.

Sunbrella Marine Fabric/SeaMark

Sunbrella fabrics are good for many types of applications, such as a bimini top, camper top, convertible top, or aft curtains. Sunbrella is manufactured from Sunbrella Acrylic with a Flourocarbon finish/coating. The Sunbrella material is mildew resistant and water repellant. It is 60" wide and 9 oz.

SeaMark fabric is made from Sunbrella material with the underneath being made from a textured marine grade vinyl. This is a heavier material, weighing 16 oz. and it is suitable for bimini tops and camper tops.

CP Big Tex

Big Tex fabric is a 14 oz. vinyl coated polyester that is mildew and U.V. resistant. This is the material that we typically use for the industrial covers we make, such as the tow motor covers and the scissor lift covers. It is a durable material that holds up well in both high and low temperatures.

Weathermax 80

Weathermax 80 is a durable, breathable fabric made from solution dyed yarns. It is finished with HydroMax technology which gives the Weathermax water repellency. This material is also mildew resistant because of the breathability and an anti-microbial component. This material is a good fit for cockpit and mooring covers, and even bimini tops. This fabric is 60" wide and 8 oz.

HarborTime Edge

Like the Aqualon, the Harbor Time material has been updated with the new Perfecta Marine technology. This technology helps with heat reduction and water repellency. This material is very similar to the Aqualon Edge, but it is the same color on top and bottom and is a heavier material, as it is 13 oz. It doesn't stretch or shrink, either making it desirable for applications such as the cockpit and mooring covers.


Stamoid fabric is an elegant, versatile material used on larger boats. Stamoid is a vinyl coated polyester that is colorfast, mildew resistant and waterproof. The coating on Stamoid helps to make the material easy to clean as well. The Stamoid collection offers many grades of fabric, such as Stamoid Top, Stamoid Light, and Stamoid Heavy. This fabric is great for bimini tops and dodgers and even full enclosures.

Strata Glass

Strata Glass is a clear, scratch resistant vinyl. This vinyl is flexible and built to withstand the sun's harmful rays longer than its competitors. This glass is perfect for windshields and side curtains in full enclosures.

Clear Double Polished Vinyl

This vinyl is clear marine grade fabric that is used for windshields and side curtains on full enclosures. This vinyl is very flexible which contributes to the ease of its use.

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